PA411 units - combining the RF outputs

FAQ #4598 Updated June 05, 2015


Is it technically feasible to passively combine the RF outputs of two PA411 PSM antenna combiners? I want to use eight P3T transmitters but only one PA805 antenna.


While it technically can be done by using the Shure UA221 antenna combiner/splitter, Shure does not recommend it.   Note the following:

1) The UA221 will introduce 3 dB of insertion loss - meaning the RF output power will be reduced by 3 dB.

2) The RF power radiating from the PA805 will be the equivalent of between 10 mW and 15 mW.  This will reduce the effective operating range - P3T transmitter to P3R receiver.

3) Try this setup and observe the results.  If all works well, excellent.  If not, remove the UA221 and use a separate PA805 antenna for each PA411 RF output.

4) There is an eight in / one out combiner: model PA821A.

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