P9RA versus P9R - what are the differences?

FAQ #3952 Updated April 04, 2017


What are the primary differences between the P9RA and the original P9R?


Introduced in October 2011 and replacing the P9R, the P9RA has new features and improvements:

  1. Improved separation in Mix Mode: Channel to channel separation in P9RA Mix Mode is approximately 60dB.  In the P9R, it was 22 dB.
  2. Additional gain setting: The P9RA has two settings - Standard and High. High offers 10dB more gain than Standard. High gain on P9RA is the same as the P9R default gain.
  3. New enclosure:  The P9RA enclosure is based on the P10R.  This allows the P9RA to use Shure rechargeable battery packs and chargers.
  4. User adjustable RF pad:  The P9RA has an adjustable RF attenuator/pad. This feature prevents the RF amp from overloading due to excessively strong RF signals. Use of the RF pad will typically reduce the operating range.
  5. "Restore all":  The P9RA has a "restore all" feature that provides a quick and easy way to revert to factory default settings.
  6. Knob detents: The P9RA has knob detents like P10R. It also has a smaller knob like P10R.

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