P6R bodypack freq sticker rubbed off -- how to tell freq

FAQ #3626 Updated October 27, 2017


I have several P6R in-ear bodypacks I have HA HB and HC bodypacks but on some of them the sticker on the back has worn off so much that now I don't know which are the HA and which are the HB etc. Is there a way to figure this out so I'll know which ones to put with my setups?


1) Remove the two screws on the back in order to open up the case.
2) Open the battery compartment and pull off the top side of the case. The bottom side of the case, the circuit boards and knobs will all stay intact.

On the exposed circuit board will be a metal can about 1/2" in diameter. The "HA", "HB", etc will be hand written on the can with a sharpie, probably in red ink.

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