P4800 volume control potentiometer

FAQ #2494 Updated February 22, 2018


I noticed that your literature says that a 20K pot should be used when
controlling a level via the control pins on the P4800. My question is
this: what happens if you use the more widely accepted (and therefore
available in nifty decora faceplates) 10K linear pot? Will it work?

I was hoping to get away from a custom-made panel, but I can't seem to find
an off-the-shelf thing with a 20K pot.


At the time, a 20k audio taper pot was a stock item for Radio Shack. Shortly thereafter, Radio Shack stopped carrying that pot. A 100K Audio Taper Pot with a tolerance 5% can be substituted.

Most commonly available potentiometers have a tolerance of 10% or 20%. If the open resistance of the pot is below 95K Ohms (greater than -5% tolerance), it will not be able to raise the level of the P4800 to the upper end of the range.

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