Output configuration of U4 receiver

FAQ #628 Updated August 09, 2010


UHF (U4/U4D) series wireless receiver: what is the structure of the output circuitry? Is it a chain of inverters, emulating a grounded-center-tap transformer winding? Or is it a cross-coupled output stage, emulating a floating transformer winding? What happens in the presence of 48V phantom power?


From the U4 receiver service manual: "The output stage consists of an inverting amplifier stage, the output of which goes directly to one pin (pin 2) of an XLR connector. A 180 degree phase-shifted version of the same signal is obtained by tapping off of this point and entering another inverting stage. This phase-shifted version then goes to another pin (pin 3) on the XLR connector."

The U4 XLR output is protected from 48 volt phantom by having a 47µF/63V capacitor in series with each XLR leg.

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