Other routers with Axient system?

FAQ #3848 Updated October 13, 2017


Can I use other Ethernet routers with the Axient system or must I use the AXT620 Ethernet switch?


Other manufacturers' Ethernet routers and switches can be used with the Axient system. For easiest setup, make certain the router/switch has a DHCP server built in.

Also, the AXT610 requires either POE (Power over Ethernet) or external power. Most people will use POE. Most inexpensive routers do not have POE. Make certain to plug the AXT610 into a port with POE. If needed, connect the AXT610 to another Axient device, as they have POE.

Thus, if you want to use an inexpensive router from Best Buy, just make certain the AXT610 is connected directly to the Ethernet port of another Axient device (such as a receiver or spectrum manager).

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