Omni or Unidirectional??

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I am currently trying to decide which type of wireless lapel mic to purchase next for our church. I can't seem to make a decision on which type of mic to get... omni or unidirectional mic. After reading some of the technical articles, it sounds like the omni mic has an edge over a uni mic as far as a better sound and resistance to noise from clothing but am not sure I read it all right... Right now I am not real happy with the noise I get from the XYZ brand lapel mic that is a uni model. Lots of clothing noise but it is clear and not prone to feedback. I am looking for the "best" quality lapel mic (although I have to select a LX system for reasons I won't go into). I have always worried if I get an omni lapel mic that I might be inviting feedback whereas if I get another uni-directional, I'll be asking for more noise from clothes. I would appreciate any guidance here since I have not used an omni mic in the church. Will the omni mic give me a more consistent and natural sound over the uni model? I don't have a problem with dropout or feedback with the XYZ brand uni mic now... only a noise issue.


The omni will provide a more consistent and nautural sound with less clothing noise.

Why should I use an omnidirectional microphone?
Directional Mic compared to an Omnidirectional Mic

The omnidirectional microphone will be more prone to feedback. Audio is a science of compromises. Using an omni will provide better sound, but more possiblity of feedback. Using a uni will provide more gain before feedback but more clothing noise and other artifacts.

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