Noise canceling microphone for telephone

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As a long time ham, I know Shure's reputation and its products well.

I am hoping you can point me to a source that could solve this problem.

We have a home office; it is subject to dogs barking and in particular, cockatiels "chirping". So my guess is that we have both relatively high and low frequency unwanted noise.

My wife doesn't want this or any background noise when she is on the phone with clients, etc.

Can you suggest a solution, esp one that could be plugged in to our regular plain vanilla 2 line phones, to replace their handsets.

Of course, I only need 1 or 2 of such.

I am comfortable with wiring etc, so any solution that could be made to be the input device for the telephone would be worth considering.

Any advice greatly appreciated.



Sorry, Shure's microphones will not directly interface with a telephone. We suggest you contact a Plantronics. This company specializes in after-market headsets for telephones:

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