No playback from X2u headphone jack

FAQ #3600 Updated August 17, 2010


I am not hearing any playback from the computer out of the X2u headphone jack.


Rotate the monitor blend knob into the playback position.

  1. Plug headphones into the jack on the side of the X2u.
  2. Playback a sound file from the computer
  3. Rotate the monitor blend control up toward the XLR connector until it stops.
  4. Gently turn the headphone volume up.
  5. Audio should be playing from the headphone jack on the X2u.

If audio still does not playback, ensure the X2u is selected as the playback audio device in the settings menu of the computer.

  • MAC OS X: System Preferences>Sounds> Select Shure Digital
  • Windows XP, Vista: Start>Control Panel> Sounds and Audio Devices>Audio Tab>Select Shure Digital as Audio Output

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