Networking two UR4 receivers

FAQ #3814 Updated August 25, 2017


Can I connect two UR4 receivers directly to each other using their ethernet ports?


Yes, it was possible for a same-band pair of UHF-R receivers to be linked together by a single Ethernet cable.  This results in a self-aware network that can scan and set frequencies for both of the connected receivers.  In addition, it is possible to connect a computer to either receiver of the connected pair via USB cable to use Wireless Workbench with both.

Unfortunately, this capability did not work with some older firmware versions.

Make certain to download the most recent Wireless Workbench software and load the latest firmware on the receivers.

Operational notes:

Both receivers must have the most recent firmware version.
Both receivers must be in the same frequency band.
Ethernet connection may be made before or after receivers are powered on.
Both receivers in the DHCP mode:  receivers will fall back to default IP addresses.  Network icons will appear on both receivers after 2-3 minutes.
Both receivers in MANUAL mode:  IP addresses must be set within the same Subnet.  Network icons will appear within 30 seconds.
If receiver power is lost and restored, MANUAL mode receivers will restore network within 30 seconds while DHCP receivers will take 2-3 minutes.
Once network is established, network will re-establish quickly if Ethernet cable is disconnected but receiver power is not lost.

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