N44G stylus on an M44-7 cartridge the same as M44G?

FAQ #2364 Updated February 22, 2018


I've got a couple of M44-7's that need new styli (a friend of a DJ is not necessarily a DJ himself). I've seen some entries regarding the use of N44G stylus in an M44-7 cartridge (seems OK). The answers seem to be, "Yes, it fits," but does that mean "Yes it's the same." I like the benefits of the M44G, so I'm wondering if it would be best to get all new cartridges, or if replacing the styli would do the trick?


p.s. You guys run a great website, and I'm thoroughly impressed with the customer support section. The support software you use is great for searching. The responses are all very thorough and informative... I think your boss should take you out to lunch.


The N44-7 stylus tracks at 1.5 to 3 grams. The N44G stylus tracks at 0.75 to 1.5 grams.

The cartridge body of the M44-7 and the M44G are basically the same. Change the stylus model and you change the cartridge model. So just change the stylus.

Thank you for the compliments about the support section. We take great pride in it and answer incoming questions several times during each work day.

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