MXA910/MXA310 Training and Certification

FAQ #5460 Updated March 06, 2018


Where can I get training and certification on the MXA910 and MXA310 products


We offer online training and certification at: Shure Audio Institute

Content includes:

  • MXA910 Ceiling Array Overview SAMPLE
  • MXA310 Table Array Overview
  • Audio Network Interface Overview
  • How to Install MXA910
  • MXA910: Steerable Coverage
  • How to Prepare MXA910 for Painting
  • MXA310 Light Ring & Mute Button Configuration
  • MXA310 Steerable Coverage
  • Intellimix DSP Suite
  • MXA910 Best Practices
  • Routing Audio Between Devices
  • Powering MXA and ANI Devices
  • Understanding Dante Flows
  • Dante Level 1 Certification
  • Microflex Advance Certification Test
  • MXA910 Ceiling Array Overview (clone)
  • MXA910 Ceiling Array Overview (clone)

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