MX690 working with a UR4 receiver

FAQ #3546 Updated July 01, 2015


How can I make the MX690 wireless boundary mic work with a UR4 receiver?


  1. The MX690 and the UR4 must share overlapping RF bands,such as MX690-H5 and UR4-H4.
  2. Defeat Tone Key Squelch on the UR4 using the front panel Menu option.
  3. Set MX690 to a desired Group/Channel.
  4. Determine MX690 operating frequency of the Group/Channel setting using chart supplied by Shure.
  5. Manually set the UR4 receiver frequency to match to the MX690 frequency.

* MX690 battery condition information will NOT be transmitted to the UR4.
* The audio processing circuits are not identical in the MX690 and UR4.  There might be noticeable audible anomalies when using this hybrid setup.   For speech, these anomalies should be negligible.

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