MX396/C-Tri - Can I use only two of the three mic elements?

FAQ #4363 Updated September 14, 2017


My boss insists on having the same mic model down the entire length of a long rectangular boardroom table, and he already purchased five MX396/C-Tri mics. To cover each end of the table, I will re-align the MX396 mic elements so that one is at 12 o'clock, one is at 3 o'clock, and one is a 6 o'clock. But for the middle of the table with talkers only on the north side and the south side of the table, I need back-to-back cardioid elements. Is it OK to re-align the MX396 mic elements as described above, and then simply not connect the mic element that is at 3 o'clock?


Yes, this is OK. Note that the illumination of LED ring will not be as bright. This happens because the phantom power current for the LED is divided equally among the three mic element circuits, and you will only be using two of the three circuits.

If the MX396/C-Tri mics had not been purchased, we would have recommended the MX396C/Dual.

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