MX392 Mic element active - LED controlled by switch

FAQ #3484 Updated July 01, 2015


I need the MX392 mic element to always active, but the LED to follow the action of the switch.  Can this be done?


MX392 Modification

Mic element always active.  LED lights up only when switch is pushed.

1. Set internal DIP switch:

S1 = OFF - if SWITCH OUT logic signal needs to be momentary (push and hold)


S1 = ON - if SWITCH OUT logic signal needs to be latching (push on/push off)

S3 = ON

S4 = OFF

2. Inside of the mic, insert a jumper wire between the LED IN screw terminal and the SWITCH OUT screw terminal. The SWITCH OUT terminal will now activate the LED whenever the mic membrane switch is activated.

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