MX391 with 3 pin mini connector - Model 700623-002

FAQ #2984 Updated August 24, 2012


I just bought a microphone from eBay that looks like the MX391, except it has a 3 pin mini connector on it. It is model 700623-0002. How do I adapt this to an XLR connector?


That was an OEM microphone that we made for Intel. The connector on it was specialized to Intel. Follow these instructions to connect this microphone to a normal XLR input on a mixer:

1) Cut off the 3-pin mini connector.

2) Solder on a new 4 pin TA4F connector. This can be ordered as Shure part number WA330. Wiring is as follows:

Shield - Pin 1
Red wire - Pin 2
Black wire - Pins 3 and 4

4) Purchase the RK100PK inline electronics module. The 4 pin TA4F connector will plug into the RK100PK. The output of the RK100PK is a 3 pin XLR. The RK100PK requires phantom power from the mixer.


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