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I have a customer that is looking to put microphones in a 204” long by 54” wide conference room table. They would like to go with the MX395 straight down the middle, but I am worried that it won’t be sufficient enough pick up for the 16 chairs locations. Can you assist in helping me make sure I design the right system?­­


Assuming the mics will be used for sound reinforcement within the room itself:

1) There must be one mic person OR one mic between every two people.   This is required so that every person is the same distance from the local mic.

2) Surface mounted mics, like the MX395, must NOT be covered by papers, or other debris.  This includes open laptop computers screens that block the direct path from mouth to mic.

3) The mics must be controlled by some type of automatic mixer so that the fewest number of mics are open at any instant.

4) The PAG equation must be employed during design to see if the mics can be this far from the talkers to provide adequate gain-before-feedback.   Please read this link carefully: PAG Calculator

5) Another helpful link: Audio Systems Guide to Meeting Facilities

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