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I own a Shure MVL lavalier microphone and downloaded the Shure Motiv app. Upon plugging in mic in, I can see under "Record" that the phone is using the built-in mic rather than the MVL. Guidance, please.


The Motiv app should switch to "External Mic" automatically when the MVL is connected to the iPhone's earphone jack. We tested this on an iPhone 5 S with the MVL, as well as with a different wired "hands-free" headset with a built-in mic.

If the Motiv app isn't enabled under Settings>Privacy>Microphone, it still indicates when an external mic is connected, even though no recording levels are indicated in the Motiv app.

The MVL is configured to work with many smart phones: MVL technical information and wiring diagram

Please verify that the phone is using the most recent operating system. Try deleting the Motiv app, rebooting the phone, and re-installing the app.

Another possibility is that the phone's earphone jack is dirty and not making a good connection; or that the phone case is interfering with the plug/jack connection. Please test the phone, and the Motiv app, using the headset supplied with the phone or with a similar wired device.

Finally, does the MVL microphone work on a different device with the Motiv app? If not, there may be a problem with the MVL. In that case, contact Shure Repair/Service.

MVL Operational Requirements

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