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I was looking for information on the model # 55G. I either need a male connector to replace the female connector on the mic, or a new cable for this model that has a male connector. Could you please tell me what my options are. The old cable dry-rotted, and wad disposed of. I am intending to use a direct box on the other end, going to the low Z input on the amp. My mic is definitely high impedence, and has no switch for low, medium, or high Z. I have attached four photos. The mic looks just like a 55C, but unless the label has been damaged,(it doesn't seem to be), it definitely is stamped with a 55G. I did get a second opinion on this. The label specifically states that this one is high Z, and has the following stamped on it. "Supercardioid Unidyne uni directional dynamic microphone".


Are you sure you don't have a 55C? We have no records of a model 55G. The pictures are great. The connector is a 3 pin Amphenol. For wiring and premade cable information, see the following links:

Mic cable for Shure 55S
Wiring of vintage Shure mics: 3 or 4 pin Amphenol to XLR


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