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FAQ #3281 Updated January 13, 2010


Can you help me find a good system for my dobro? It does not have a pick-up or jack but I'd like to play out without having to stay in front of a mic, which is what I have been doing. I'd like to be able to move.


Dobro is a difficult instrument to mike using a wireless. Most players, like the superb Jerry Douglas, use a high quality, wired condenser mic on a stand. Jerry often uses the Shure KSM32.

If you want to audition a Shure wireless system for your dobro, I recommend the Shure ULX series, with a bodypack transmitter, and the Shure WL183 or WL50 mic attached to your shirt, down low near the dobro. There is no need to place the mic on the dobro; place the mic on you, but near the dobro. Also try placing the mic on your right shirt cuff, near your picking hand.

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