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I am compiling information on the equipment used by Elvis throughout his career, especially the years 69-77. It's pretty common knowledge that he used the 55 series in the 50's. In 1969 in Las Vegas he used what appeared to be a 544 or 545. In 1970 in Vegas he used what appeared to be an SM58 in rehearsals. On tour in 1970 and 1971 he frequently used an SM53 or 54. On tour in June-December 1972 he used what appeared to be an SM57 with windscreen. Later he used several microphones I have not been able to identify, possibly SM60, 61 or 63. Could you please clarify this for me. I do have photos available for email if it would help. Also, when did the SM57 and SM58 come into service? Any other Elvis/Shure info you can provide would be great. I really appreciate your help with this project.


Sorry, Shure does not maintain an "Elvis" archival file. The mic list you sent appears to be correct based on the photos we have seen of Elvis in performance.

For your records, the SM57 and SM58 were introduced in 1965/66.

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