Microphone windscreen created from a loofah

FAQ #4044 Updated July 02, 2015


Might a loofah work as a windscreen for a microphone?  The loofah cells are open and appear to be acoustically transparent.


Shure Applications Engineering investigated using a loofah as a windscreen.  The tested loofah had a diameter of 3 inches and a length of 6 inches.  It was used with the Shure SM81 microphone.  The loofah worked well to control wind noise and P-popping.

Items to note:
1) A loofah will absorb water, so do not use a loofah windscreen in the rain or snow.
2) A loofah can be cut or trimmed to suit different applications.  However, the effectiveness of a windscreen is directly related to its diameter and size.
3) A loofah will shed microscopic plant material.  It would be wise to protect the microphone diaphragm with a layer of nylon, such as used in panty hose.
4) The loofah surface can stained, dyed, or colored if desired.  This could be useful for a school theatrical production where the budget is limited, but windscreens are needed that also match the coloring of costumes.




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