Microphone to be mounted on a Train

FAQ #1675 Updated October 09, 2008


I have a need in a train-borne project for a suitable Shure microphone with the following requirements:-
1. Suitable to be mounted on a train driver's desktop console with plenty of vibration and noise.
2. Have a flexible gooseneck.
3. Rugged and heavy duty for daily use.

I have looked at Shure's web site and think 561/562 seems suitable. Any comments ?


We agree with your choices. The 561 is omnidirectional and will be less sensitive to vibration and wind noise, but will not reduce background noice.

The 562 will reduce background noise, but must be close-talked (less than 2cm mouth to mic distance). It will also be more sensitive to wind noise and vibration.

Either mic will be very reliable in this environment.

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