Microphone model MK-0031

FAQ #3571 Updated October 30, 2017


I know the MK-0031 was a custom for Harris Corp ( RF Communications) but is there any info available for it? What I want to do is wire one to a Navy standard MS3106A14S5P connector for use with URT-23 transmitters ( T-827 series exciters) or C-1138 Radio Set Control for use in place of an H-169 handset.


Like nearly all Shure mics made for an OEM use, we have no records of the MK-0031. Once an OEM model is discontinued, the records are sent to the company that was buying the mic, Harris in this case.

Based on the photos, it looks like the model 527C.

It was extremely rare for Shure to alter a circuit for an OEM mic. Typically, all Shure did was change a model number, the external package, or add a connector. My bet is that the 527C circuit is identical to the MK-0031.


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