Microphone for tape recording of concerts

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I am a field recorder or "taper" of live Rock concerts. Jazz, Acoustic Allman Brothers, Phil & Friends etc. Current set up is Shure BG4.1 into Zeifro Analog to digital converter/preamp into Sony D-8. I LOVE my mics but being a taper I'm a tweeker, so I'm looking for just that lil something extra. A little more bottom and a little more expansive high end. I prefer my mics to others costing hundreds more. I'd love a replacement cartridge which would give me the desired effect.


Sorry, there is no replacement cartridge for the BG4.1

You can upgrade to the SM81, but it requires an external 12 to 48V phantom power supply.

Or you can upgrade to KSM141 mic, but it requires an external 48V phantom power supply.

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