Microphone for recording a focus group

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I am installing a focus group room, i.e. a place where several people meet around a table and talk about a particular topic leaded by a trained specialist.

I need to record the sessions and listen to them from another room.

Which is the best kind of microphone to use in such a meeting room ?

I have seen some microphones used in meeting rooms which are flat and lay on the table what would you recommend ?

Is it more suitable an omnidirectional microphone ?

What models does Shure have that can satisfy my need ?


Before you make any buying decision, please read the on-line book linked below. It is written specifically for meeting room (like a focus group) audio systems. We believe this book will answer your questions and much more. This will make you a better informed consumer when you actually do purchase a microphone.

Audio Systems Guide to Meeting Facilities

Also, read these links:

Critical Distance and Microphone Placement

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