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FAQ #1437 Updated January 12, 2010


I have an unusual request from Radio New Zealand for a dynamic microphone suitable for recording voice for news that will not pick up radiation from the computer monitor on the recording suite.

1) They like using an SM58 because of the sound and the pickup pattern
2) The SM63’s they use for field recording don’t have the hum pick up problem in the new suite but of course they are omni
3) Would one of the 5—series be suitable? 515 545D or 565?
4) Otherwise going to a condenser Beta 87A


The SM7B has a humbucking coil and is relatively impervious to hum fields for a dynamic mic. Try this model first.

If the hum field is too strong for the SM7B, we suggest moving to a condensor: KSM32; SM81 with A81WS windscreen; Beta 87C.

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