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I am trying to choose a Shure microphone to record on my CD recorder. I have JVC XL-R 5010BK. The requirements for the microphone are:
Minimum input level: 3Mv(full scale -12Db)
Output impendance: 600 ohm- 10 Kohm
I need to record live piano sound- (I am a classical pianist),with the highest possible quality. I can't spend more than $250-300 on my mic.Which mic would you recommend me to buy? I believe that my mic should work from battery (not Phantom type). I have browsed the microphonesolutions.com website and found that Shure PG81 might be my best choice. How good is it for my case?


The PG81 is a good choice. You might consider using two mics of the same model and the Shure A27M. Then you can make a stereo recording.

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