Lemo Connector Tightening Tool

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A Lemo connector is used on some of the UR transmitters. The mating Lemo connector employed on the mic cable is nearly impossible to install or repair without the use of a specialized tool sold by Lemo. Where can I purchase this tool?


Lemo does indeed offer a specialized "tightening tool". As of June 2008, this tool (model DCL.91.516.5TK) may be ordered from:

Mouser Electronics Mansfield, TX
Mouser part #736-DCL915165TK

Or from:

IMTRON, Inc. Eden Prairie, MN

NOTE: Before purchasing any Lemo connectors or tools, we recommend that you contact Lemo directly to ascertain that the model number is current:

Lemo USA
635 Park Court
Rohnert Park, CA
Tel: 707-578-8811
Email: info-US@lemo.com
Web: www.Lemo.com

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