Lemo 4 pin connector for Shure UC1 or U1L wireless bodypacks

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I am considering the purchase of a Shure UC or UHF wireless system for my church. It will be used with a Sennheiser MKE 104 microphone. From information on your website, I gather that the Shure bodypack transmitters are available with either a T4AF or a 4 pin LEMO connector. I am familiar with T4AF, but not with the LEMO. Details, please.


The Lemo connector that mates with a 4 pin Lemo-equipped Shure UHF transmitter is Lemo part:  FFA.OS.304.CLAC42.


The Lemo is offered because it is popular in theater applications.  Though the Lemo is a superb connector, we favor the Tini QG connector as it is less expensive, widely available, and easier to wire than the Lemo.


Here is a technical description of Lemo FFA.OS.304.CLAC42:


Shell Style/Model: FFA - straight plug with a collet for the mic cable


Size/Series: 0S - metal with a half-moon insert to assist proper alignment between the mating connectors; this plug has two male pins (numbered 1 and 2) and two female sockets (numbered 3 and 4)


Number of Contacts: Four (the "4" in 304); wires are to be soldered to the contacts; recommended wire size is AWG 24 or smaller


Housing Material: C - brass shell and collet nut, both chrome plated; nickel plated brass latch sleeve and mid-pieces


Insulation Material: PEEK ( a semicrystalline polymer thermoplastic)


Cable Strain Relief: C42 - will take cables with a diameter of 3.3 to 4.1 mm


Dimensions: length - 34.5 mm; diameter - 9.0 mm


For additional technical details, go to: www.lemo.com

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