Lemo 3 pin mating connector / wiring for UR1M-LEMO3 transmitter

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Please provide technical details on the Lemo mating connector required for the UR1M-LEMO3.


The mating connector (used on the mic cable) for the UR1M-LEMO3 transmitter is sold by Shure as the part WA336.   The WA336 consists of the LEMO connector model FVB.00.303.NLA and a LEMO cable flex relief sleeve model GMF.00.018.DN.

Lemo pin 1: cable shield/ground; near key tab - at 12 o'clock on solder side of connector
Lemo pin 2: +5Vdc bias supplied through a 499 ohm resistor; at 7 o'clock on solder side of connector
Lemo pin 3: mic audio; at 5 o'clock on solder side of connector; pin 3 is also connected to +5V dc bias through a 6.2k ohm resistor
NOTE: The audio input impedance of the UR1M-Lemo 3 is between 7,000 and 8,000 ohms.  This is satisfactory for a microphone, but is too low to handle a high impedance source, e.g., an electric guitar.  An electric guitar typically wants to see an input impedance of 100,000 ohms or greater. 

The technical description of Lemo connector FVB.00.303.NLA:
Shell style/model: FVB - Straight plug
Keying: B - plug has male pins (UR1M-LEMO3 transmitter has female sockets)
Housing Material: N - Brass (nickel plated) shell, collet nut, latch sleeve, and interal pieces
Insulator: PEEK ( a semicrystalline polymer thermoplastic)
Number of Contacts: Three pins; wires are to be soldered to the contacts; recommended wire size is AWG 28 or smaller
Dimensions: length - 20.0 mm; diameter - 9.0 mm
For additional technical details, go to: www.lemo.com
The Lemo connector on the UR1M-LEMO3 transmitter is Lemo part XRB.00.303.NLN.

To connect a Shure lapel mic (e.g., WL183) or headworn mic (e.g., WBH53) to the Shure WA336 Lemo 3 connector:
 - Shure black wire (audio) and Shure cable shield (ground) to Lemo pin 1
 - Shure red wire (bias) to Lemo pin 3
NOTE: When a Shure mic is connected using a two-wire configuration, the mic output level can be up to 10 dB greater compared to the same mic wired in a three-wire configuration used for the Shure TA4F connector.

To connect a Shure WL93 mic to the Shure WA336 Lemo 3 connector:

1) Determine the WL93 version. Measure the resistance between the red wire and the black wire.  Connect the red wire to the + lead on ohm meter; the black wire to the - lead on ohm meter.

2) Measurement result = Approximately 700 to 800 ohms - older version of WL93:
- WL93 black wire (audio) and WL93 cable shield (ground) to Lemo pin 1
- WL93 red wire (bias) to Lemo pin 3

3) Measurement result = Approximately 18.6k ohms - newer version of WL93:
- WL93cable shield (ground) to Lemo pin 1
- WL93 black wire (audio) and WL93 red wire (bias) to Lemo pin 3

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