L Series at 181.00 MHz

FAQ #1157 Updated September 23, 2008


I have an opportunity to buy a used LX receiver but have been unable to verify the frequency the seller has given me as a frequency used by an LX receiver. Seller claims frequency is 181.000.

Is this a valid frequency for one of your LX receivers??? I couldn't find the frequency in any of your charts for this LX receiver. I know it is an older unit but I still thought it would be listed as on eof the frequencies.

AND is there ANY reason why I couldn't buy a BRAND NEW LX1 body pack transmitter and mic to use with this used LX receiver assuming that the frequency is valid and that the frequencies match?


The LX series never used the 181.000 MHz frequency. The older L Series did. A new LX transmitter will work with an L Series receiver if the frequencies match. In your case, the 181.000 MHz frequency is no longer available in the LX series.

But, a Shure SC transmitter with the frequency code CD (180.4 MHz) has 181.000 MHz as one of its 8 frequency settings. It will work with the L Series receiver at 181.000 MHz.

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