KSM44 vs. KSM27

FAQ #2497 Updated October 24, 2008


I already own a KSM44 and I love it!! I was wondering if the KSM27 has the same sound just without the extra features, ie. the omni and figure 8 settings. I have read that the KSM32 has a different, more neutral sound but I havn't read any comparisons between the 44 and 27. Thanks for making such a great mic.


The KSM 27 cartridge is based on the KSM44, but does not include the rear portion where the second diaphragm of the KSM44 is located. The KSM27 is tuned for a brighter sound, and does not have the better pop protection of the KSM44 dual diaphragm scheme. The KSM27 proximity effect is also different, being a single diaphragm cartridge.

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