KSM mics with stage monitors

FAQ #2439 Updated February 22, 2018


I have been told that you cannot use stage monitors with the KSM microphones because of its sensitivity.

I want to get one for our country/bluegrass band to use on the stage but feel the need for stage monitors for a live performance is necessary.

Can monitors be used with the KSM27 or 32?


Can monitors be used with the KSM27 or 32?
* Yes. Allison Krause and Union Station use the KSM32 live.

When using a KSM mic at a distance, can the monitors be turned up as loud as when we use SM58 mics pressed up against our lips?
* No.

*It's those darn laws of physics. If the KSM mic were also pressed up against your lips, then it could be as loud as the SM58.

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