Keeping Vinyl Records Clean

FAQ #2956 Updated July 06, 2009


Any hints on how to keep vinyl records clean?


Keeping Phonograph Records Clean

1) Avoid touching the record grooves when handling a record. Oils from the fingers attract dust. Hold the record with thumb and forefinger in a V shape, with forefinger on the label area.

2) Records should be returned to their sleeves and record jackets right after playing to minimize dust and dirt accumulation.

3) To remove dust particles from the record, there are both wet and dry brush systems. There are also special microfiber cleaning cloths. Use liquid cleaners sparingly to keep record grooves from getting more clogged up.

4) Clean the stylus often. Use a soft camelhair brush with alcohol or a solution of alcohol and distilled water. Brush only from back to front. Avoid commercial cleaning solutions as some may cause damage to the stylus bearing.

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