Inline switch for SM94 microphone?

FAQ #897 Updated October 14, 2008


We have a SM94 mic at our church and it has no on/off switch. This causes us many problems, and is there any in-line switch you sell? Do you have any suggestions how we can solve this problem?


Professional microphones rarely have on/off switches as the microphones are controlled by the sound engineer at the mixing console. The engineer does not want a performer accidentally switching off a mic during a performance. Therefore, no on/off switches on professional mics.

The Shure PG81 will provide nearly the same performance of the SM94 and has an on/off switch.

If you intend to keep the SM94 and it is powered by an internal battery, Switchcraft offers a female XLR connector with an on/off switch.

If the SM94 is powered via phantom power, installing an on/off switch in the cable run is not recommended as there will be a loud "pop" each time the mic is turned on or off.

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