HTS 50 loudspeakers

FAQ #975 Updated October 21, 2008


1. When was the HST 50's manufactured?

2. What were their specifications?

3. What was the suggested retail in US dollars per set (2 speakers) in the year manufactured?

This information would be of great help to me, THANKS


The historical records on the Shure HTS line are not complete as the entire business was sold off during the early 1990's. But we will attempt to answer your questions based on the remaining records.

1. The HTS 50 line was available in 1988 to 1990. The line consisted of the: HTS50LRS (left, right, surround); HTS50CF (center front); HTS50SW (sub-woofer).

2. Provide a mailing address and we will mail copies of each spec sheet.

3. Price lists cannot be found.

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