How do I connect an Audio Technica 815b to a Shure Bodypack?

FAQ #735 Updated July 30, 2007


Can you provide a cable diagram XLR-F to TA4F to connect an AT815b to Shure Bodypack?


1. You must power the AT815b from its internal battery.

2. You may purchase the WA310 adapter cable from Shure and use it to connect the AT mic to any Shure bodypack that has a Tini QG TA4M connector as the audio input.

3. Or you may construct your own cable by using this wiring scheme:
- Cable shield to XLR female pin 1 and TA4F pin 1.
- Cable inner conductor to XLR female pin 2 and TA4F pin 3.
- Connect jumper between XLR female pin 3 and XLR female pin 1.
- Do not use pin 2 of the TA4F.
- If the AT815b sounds too bright when used with the Shure transmitter, jumper TA4F pin 3 to TA4F pin 4. This will change the input impedance of the Shure bodypack and will load the mic in a different manner.

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