How do I connect a Crown CM311AE to a Shure bodypack?

FAQ #320 Updated August 04, 2017


How do I connect a Crown CM311AE to the TA4 connector on a Shure bodypack?


Note: The Crown CM-311AE is designed for wireless use and has an in-line module that is crucial for proper operation. This module provides equalization and bipolar power for the microphone element. The CM-311AE requires 3 to 10 volts of DC bias from the transmitter. A Shure transmitter provides 5 volts of DC bias. For questions about the Crown CM-311AE, please call Crown International (phone 219-294-8000).


Mic ---> Transmitter
Red wire ---> Pin 2
White wire ---> Pin 3 and Pin 4
Shield ---> Pin 1


The mating connector for the Shure wireless transmitters is a Switchcraft TA4F. This connector is available from the Shure Service Department at 800-516-2525 or 847-600-8699 as part number WA330.

The connector can also be purchased from Mouser Electronics at 800-346-6873.


Image TA4M
Transmitter View
PIN 1 = cable shield / audio return / bias return
PIN 2 = +5V DC Bias
PIN 3 = audio input for dynamic mics or instruments
PIN 4 = 20K Ohms resistor to ground jumpered to pin 3 for condenser mics


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