Hard Case for SRH840 headphones

FAQ #3920 Updated July 02, 2015


I have a pair of SRH840 headphones and noticed that you now have a new pair of SRH940 headphones that have a hard case. I was wondering if the SRH940 Hard Case would fit my SRH840's.


Sorry, the answer is no. The SRH940 ear cups each swivel 90 degrees.   This movement is necessary to fit the hard case.   The SRH840 ear cups do not have this range of movement. 

However, the carrying case for the SRH1440/1840 or SRH1540 will work with an SRH840. The model numbers: HPACC2 (1440/1840) or HPACC3 (1540).

We recommend the HPACC3 as it has more features and will hold the SRH840 accessories including the extra ear pads.

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