Grill material in Beta 58A, Beta 57A, SM58

FAQ #3375 Updated February 21, 2018


I am concerned about metals prone to cause allergies, such as nickel and chrome. I am therefore pleased to read in the specs sheet that the Beta 58A has a steel mesh grille. (Steel is good.) My question is just this: is it really steel? If possible, please tell me the components (metals) of the alloy (i.e. the steel). Besides the Beta 58A, I am also interested in the Beta 57A as well as the SM58 - all with regard to this question.


Beta 58A and Beta 57A grill: steel with carbon added for strength; plated with a chrome plating

SM58 grill: steel; plated with chrome

I would recommend using the SM57 with the A2WS windscreen. The "grill" area of the mic will be foam rubber and plastic.

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