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FAQ #4733 Updated September 12, 2017


I recently played a gig where there were numerous iPads on stage. My GLXD wireless was having problems. Lots of dropouts. Couldn't get more than 10 feet. Everyone is using iPads on stage and I was close to at least one of the iPads. Any suggestions for troubleshooting?


For what it's worth, Shure has yet to observe GLX-D performance impacted this badly.  Something isn't right.  

GLX-D has been tested on a Shure headquarters floor with heavy WiFi traffic and typical transmission distances were observed. It's possible that there's something else wrong with your GLX-D system, but we haven't had issues to date as you described.  

To test if your GLX-D unit is defective:  Turn off all Wi-Fi sources and try the GLX-D unit.  If still tempermental, it may have a defect.

GLX-D Optimization Hints:
* Use Group 4 (On firmware v2 and newer).
* Scan for the cleanest channel
* Move Access points/laptops/ipads 10 feet away from the GLX-D receiver
* Minimize Transmitter to Receiver distance
* Placing a GLX-D receiver next to a WiFi access point which certainly degrade the GLX-D performance.

Finally, if the iPads are not using Wi-Fi for communication, put the iPad in "airplane mode" and it will not transmit/receive using WiFi.

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