FP32A or FP33 Mix Bus cables

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What is the output level of the Mix Bus jack of the FP32, FP32A, + FP33 mixers? Is it Line, Mic, or some other level? Since it is only 3 wire I assume that it is Left, Right and Common. Am I correct? (And thus not shielded?) Can I get an extra pair of Left and Right outputs from the mixer by making a cable that is 3 pin (Switchcraft TA3?) to two male XLR's? Can you please provide the pin wiring. This is unrelated to the above question - I have looked at the Shure web site before, but never the question and answer section. I am very impressed with the layout and content of the FAQ (Q+A) section of your site. It is a great service to the users of your equipment to have this service available to us. Thanks a lot!


Thank you for the compliment. 

Here is the answer to your question.

Mix Bus Level = +4dBm nominal
Mix Bus Z = 930 ohms

Connector Outs:
Pin 1 = left
Pin 2 = right
Pin 3 = ground/shield

Looking at mixer jack
Upper left = pin 1
Upper right = pin 3
Lower middle = pin 2

The mix output is pre-Master gain control.

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