FP32 and external phantom power

FAQ #85 Updated August 23, 2017


I have an FP32 mixer. I was looking to provide an external power source for the phantom power. Can you tell me if the 3.5 mini jack for the external phantom in is a mono - or stereo jack? Can you also forward the positive and negative pin assignment? I'm powering a Sennheiser 416 - 12v T. Works great with the internal 9V batteries, but want to use an external power source.


The FP32 mini-plug jack accepts a mono 3.5 mm plug. The wiring configuration is tip positive and sleeve negative/ground. Please note that the microphone you describe runs on T (A-B) power. T power is not Phantom Power and the FP32 will not provide T power with an external source. The FP32 will provide T power only with an internal 9 Volt battery.

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