Floor stand for MX412/MX418 gooseneck microphone

FAQ #1802 Updated February 23, 2018


How can I mount an MX412/MX418 mic to the top of a mic stand?


This concept works for a MX412/MX418 series mic that has a male, three-pin XLR connector as the output:

1) Use a standard floor mic stand like the Shure MS10C.

2) To the top of the stand, fasten a Switchcraft P3F adapter, with a mic cable soldered to the rear of the P3F adapter. This provides a female XLR connector at the top of the mic stand, into which the male XLR connector of the MX400 mic will connect.

3) Thread the mic cable down the middle of the mic stand tube.

4) The mic cable will emerge from the bottom of the mic stand. A male XLR connector must soldered onto this end of the cable.

This idea can be implemented by a sound installation company.

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