Extra-small sleeves E2c/E2g earphones

FAQ #3200 Updated September 05, 2017


Are extra-small sleeves available for the E2c/E2g earphones?


We do not offer extra-small sleeves for the E2c/E2g earphones. In order to provide good sound isolation and comfort, the sleeve must be able to compress or "crush" when it goes into your ear canal. Because of the diameter of the E2c/E2g nozzle, a smaller sleeve would not have enough room to compress, which would provide poor isolation and an uncomfortable fit. In Spring 2005 we began including a new ultra-soft flex sleeve with the E2c/E2g earphones. This sleeve is made from a softer, more flexible material than the clear flex sleeve. Most people find it to be very comfortable, and it accommodates small ear canals better. These sleeves are available separately as part number PA749A. If the E2c/E2g with the smallest ultra-soft flex sleeve is still too large to fit comfortably, you may be better off with the E3c/E3g earphones. The sleeves are roughly the same size, but because the E3c's nozzle is about half the diameter of the E2c's, the sleeves can compress much more. This allows for a more comfortable fit even with small ear canals.

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