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I'd like to take structured courses about professional audio. For example, a course on how to operate a sound system or how to trouble shoot a sound system. Does Shure offer such courses?


Shure offers online educational material:

Shure also offers educational classes at professional trade shows, at Shure dealers, at professional associations, and via webinars. These courses are designed primarily to help our customers understand Shure products and use them effectively. Contact Shure Technical Training for upcoming events.

For general and advanced courses on professional audio subjects, we recommend Syn-Aud-Con.

Syn-Aud-Con courses are exemplary. The courses are offered online and in person. The instructors and the material are excellent. Shure associates regularly attend Syn-Aud-Con classes and workshops.

Disclosure: Syn-Aud-Con's educational efforts are supported by multiple manufacturers of professional audio equipment; Shure is one of the sponsors. Though Syn-Aud-Con often employs the sponsors' products, their educational courses are not commercial endorsements for these products.

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