E500PTH vs. E5c

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Is the E500PTH better than the E5c?


The differences between the E500PTH and the current E5C span a wide range of feature sets. Since audio is extremely subjective it's hard for one to say that a certain products sounds better than another. You can read reviews from many audio enthusiasts about the E500 at www.headfi.org

Many opinions of users who have heard both the E5C and E500 find the E500 to offer a tighter, more accurate bass range, along with slightly more detail and a smoother mid range than the E5C.

The E5C in many opinions offer a more full bodied bass experience with a more pronounced midrange.

As far as features...the E500 has an additional speaker in a smaller package. It is much more ergonomic that the E5c and will fit more comfortably than the E5C. It has a modular cable design for a custom length fit. It also comes shipped with the Push to Hear device...all for the same price of $499. It also incorporates the crossover into the earphone instead of the cable.

Also the E500PTH does not have the flex cable like the E5C

Once again. Audio is extremely subjective! what sounds good to one person may sound horrible to the next. The best solution is getting a chance to hear both and let your own ears decide for yourself.

The E500PTH will be available for purchase Mid July. And like all of our personal audio products...carry a 2 year warranty.

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