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Please tell me about the E4c earphones introduced in May 2005.


The E4c has a flatter high end response compared to the brighter sounding E3c. Mid-range is similar to the E3c. Tuned Port technology provides a more extended low end compared to the E3c; the lower frequencies appear more clearly defined than the E3c.

The E4c has a smoother response overall and has sturdy Teflon coated cables.

The E4c package includes a level attenuator and a wide selection of earphone sleeves. The level attenuator gives the user volume control when the earphones are plugged into an airliner audio system.

The E4c comes with a nozzle cleaning tool to prevent clogs. Replaceable nozzles are also provided if they become damaged. The User Guide provides step by step instructions on how to change the nozzles and how to properly insert them into your ears.

An 1/8" stereo to 1/4" stereo adapter plug is provided.

E4c Technical Specifications - -
Transducer Types: Single balanced armature
Sensitivity: 109 dB SPL/mW
Impedance: 29?
Cable Length: 62 inches

Furnished accessories - -
Level attenuator: PA235
Carrying pouch: 95A2259
Triple Flange Sleeves: 90WX1371
Replacement nozzles: 90XF1371
Plug Adapter (1/8" female stereo to 1/4" male stereo): PA234
Fit Kit with cleaning tool: 90XC1371
Fit Kit includes:
One pair of Small Grey Flex sleeves
One pair of Medium Grey Flex sleeves
One pair of Large Grey Flex sleeves
One pair of Small Translucent PVC sleeves
One pair of Medium Translucent PVC sleeves
One pair of Large Translucent PVC sleeves
One pair of Yellow Foam Sleeves
Cleaning tool

Replacement Parts - -
20 piece bag of yellow foam sleeves: PA750
500 piece bag of yellow foam sleeves: PA754

10 piece bag of clear flex sleeves:
Small: PA756S
Medium: PA756M
Large: PA756L

10 piece bag of soft flex sleeves:
Small: PA758S
Medium: PA758M
Large: PA758

Triple Flange Sleeves (pair packaged) : PA755
Replacement nozzles (pair): PA4NC

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