DRS-10 with multiple P4800's.

FAQ #2825 Updated October 23, 2008


How can you control two P4800's from one DSR-10? The system has one input from the main console, and 14 outputs to the main cluster (biamped), five delay clusters (biamped), and an lobby/locker room system. I need both P4800's to change between five presets together, and right now it's not happening.


Here is the process that has to be done:

1) Connect the switch from the DRS-10 to only one of the P4800's Control In pins. Do not use the black RS232 adapter that comes with the DRS-10.

2) Connect the cables for the Shure Link network. This has to be a complete loop, thus come out of #1 into #2 and out of #2 into #1.

3) Configure the Control Pins on the P4800 that has the switch connected. The other P4800 should have a completely blank Control Pin configuration window.

4) Go into Live Mode on both P4800's pull down the DEVICES menu and select "GLOBAL PRESET MODE". This will put a check mark next to the GLOBAL PRESET MODE selection.

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